The Bayanihan Project Model of Success: Flagship Initiative of the Pure Incubation Foundation 

The Pure Incubation Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in the United States founded on a strong sense of community. After 25 years of building award-winning companies, creating thousands of global jobs, and celebrating success, founders Barry Harrigan and Melissa Chang aim to use their expertise, vast networks, and resources to build thriving communities and make a far-reaching impact. This shift towards philanthropy signifies dedication to global social transformation and poverty eradication. The mission of the Pure Incubation Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty in the United States, the Philippines, and ultimately worldwide through innovative partnerships and collaborative solutions. 

The Bayanihan Project, the flagship initiative of The Pure Incubation Foundation, was launched in 2022 to help lift people out of abject poverty and make a lasting, positive difference in the Philippines. Inspired by the people of the Philippines, our team works to embody and grow the Bayanihan spirit through commitment and dedication to the people. Furthermore, the Bayanihan Project gives hope and purpose to local volunteers as they join together to uplift those around them.

A Unique Network of Volunteers: 

The unique framework and advantage is a longstanding, trusted network of volunteers resulting from years of collaboration with former colleagues. This network enables our team to swiftly and effectively reach those most in need. Unlike most new startups, the Bayanihan Project benefits from local resources, advisors, and on-the-ground intelligence, which allows us to understand the unique circumstances and opportunities within each community served. This invaluable network of volunteers sets us apart, enabling our organization to make a profound impact while maintaining financial efficiency.  

A Community-Centric Approach: 

By engaging trusted community leaders who are already dedicated to the cause and hold the respect and trust of the locals, we ensure that our projects align with the community’s needs, local economy, and specific circumstances. We aim to empower beneficiaries to actively participate in decision-making processes, consulting them to leverage their unique knowledge, insights, and opportunities in crafting solutions that work best for their community. We take great care in listening and working with our recipients rather than imposing our opinions and actions on them. This approach has made all the difference.

Financial Efficiency and Impact: 

We are proud to share that an important part of our mission statement is to help eradicate poverty in the most financially efficient way possible. We work with locals to source things extremely efficiently, while supporting the local economy. With this commitment, we strive to maximize the effectiveness of our programs and make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and communities affected by poverty. 

We aim to improve lives through our unique network of volunteers, community-centric approach, and unwavering commitment to financial efficiency. By empowering local communities and partnering with trusted leaders, we seek to redefine the narrative surrounding poverty eradication, fostering sustainable solutions that empower individuals and transform lives. At the Bayanihan Project, we strive to inspire others to join our cause, working together to build successful solutions and lift people out of poverty.  

Volunteers working together to build a home. 

Through the Pure Incubation Foundation and its flagship initiative, the Bayanihan Project, we envision a society where individuals join forces to uplift one another, working hand in hand towards a shared goal of economic freedom. With compassion as our compass, we engage diverse stakeholders, bridging gaps and building bridges that lead to sustainable solutions. By uniting the strengths of individuals, organizations, and communities, we are steadfast in our dedication to creating a world where everyone has the resources to thrive. 

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