Sharing the Message of Hope to Students in Poverty – The Story of Rom Blanco

We believe that education is the key to escaping poverty. However, the perils of the global pandemic had made it extra difficult for many Filipino students to pursue an education. Many grappled with the technological demands of online learning while some even had to quit school to become breadwinners. With the pandemic winding down and the schools reopening, more and more students are expected to return. We at Bayanihan Project are making sure that, when they do, these students will have the inspiration they need to persevere in school, earn a degree, and ultimately create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

In this video, we gathered a group of young students from one of our partner communities to share with them the story of Rom Blanco, a son of a poor farmer who persevered amidst challenges and went on to become a scholar at Harvard University.