Resilience & Hope: The Inspiring Aeta Tribe in Zambales

The Aetas in Zambales epitomize resilience. Displaced from their original homes when Mt. Pinatubo erupted a couple of decades ago, they wandered from place to place until finding refuge in Binuclotan, Zambales. However, it was far from a happy ending for them.

Devoid of land to call their own, the Aytas confronted years of marginalization and displacement, as they were persistently chased away by lowland residents.

Their inability to settle down anywhere hindered the establishment of livelihoods and prevented them from earning enough to educate their children. The parents harbored a deep desire for their kids to have a brighter future, with the ability to read, write, and access better job opportunities, but they grappled mightily with how to make it happen.

Faced with these challenges, the Aetas in Zambales made a momentous decision: they would return to the mountains to live in solitude and safety. Yet, one obstacle loomed large—they lacked the resources to start anew.

Inspired by their indomitable spirit, The Pure Incubation Foundation through its flagship initiative, The Bayanihan Project joined hands with the community to give them the support they need to live sustainably and independently.

Watch the video to witness how we rekindled hope in the hearts of the Aeta tribe.

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