A Lifeline for Students in Poverty: Hannah Mae's Journey of Hope and Education

In the heart of Navotas, Philippines, there exists a story of relentless determination, of a young girl named Hannah Mae who defies the odds every single day. Her parents are gone, leaving her in the care of her grandmother. Their humble income barely covers the cost of food, let alone her education.

Yet, Hannah Mae refuses to let adversity stand in the way of her dreams. She walks to school each morning with an empty stomach, her unwavering resolve as her only companion.

Moved by the great need all around him, Pastor Henry operates a small scholarship program. With just 100 pesos, equivalent to a mere $2, he provides a lifeline to students like Hannah Mae every week.

Bayanihan Project partnered with Pastor Henry to extend the impact of this life-changing program. With our support, a handful more students have found themselves in a better position to continue their schooling and stay on the path to a better future.

Now you can be a part of this, too. In this heartfelt video, we invite you to witness Hannah Mae’s poignant journey. Be inspired by her indomitable spirit and the profound impact of the Bayanihan spirit that is alive and at work on behalf of our next generation.

The Bayanihan Project collaborates with local communities in the Philippines to break the cycle of poverty, crafting unique solutions that cater to their specific needs, all while maintaining financial responsibility.

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